Feature Film

The Debt Of Maximillian

'Best Picture Feature', 'Best Director Feature', 'Best Actor Feature'
Directed by Saxon Moen


'Best Producer Feature', 'Best Editor Feature', 'Best Cinematographer Feature'
Directed by Tony Aaron II

 VHS Massacre Too

'Best Documentary Feature', 'Best Music Director Feature' 
Directed by Tom Seymour

The Donbass children

'Best Documentary Feature - Jury Choice'
Directed by
Lubomir Dankov

Indigenous: Fight for Survival

'Best Documentary Feature - Festival Mention'
Directed by
Gary Rottger


'Best Thriller Feature - Jury Choice', 'Best Debut Director Feature', 'Best Actress Feature' 
Directed by Catherine Dao

A Spoonful Of Stardust

Wolfsbane 2 "Hell On Earth"

'Best Action Feature' 
Directed by Jon Guerra

'Best Sci-Fi Feature', 'Best Mobile Feature' 
Directed by Kulagina Natalia

Unseen Nemesis

'Best Thriller Feature' 
Directed by Stefano Cutugno

Short Film


'Best Drama Short', 'Best Cinematographer Short'
Directed by Gladys San Juan

Letters from a Father

'Best Drama Short - Jury Choice', Best Debut Director short - Jury Choice'
Directed by Andrea Fantauzzi

Short Stay

'Best Drama Short - Festival Mention', 'Best Women Director Short - Festival Mention'
Directed by Cydney Cochrane

Life's Mapped Out

'Best Experimental Short - Jury Choice'
Directed by Akal Demir

Sea Of Tears

'Best Experimental Short - Festival Mention'
Directed by Akal demir

Take A Trip

'Best Documentary Short' 
Directed by Christos Karakasis

Death Offers Life

'Best Foreign Short' 
Directed by Saheer Abbas

To A God Unknown

'Best Experimental Short', 'Best Music Director Short' 
Directed by Samantha Casella

Fortune In Gold

'Best Women Director Short', 'Best Actress Short' 
Directed by Anne Johnstonbrown

A Place Less Cold

'Best Women Film Short'
Directed by Anne Johnstonbrown

Invisible Jails

'Best Director Short', 'Best Actress Short - Festival Mention'
Directed by Orwa Alahmad

You Have To Go For It

'Best Producer Short', 'Best Writer Short' 
Directed by Julio Mendez

The Janitor

'Best Actor Short' 
Directed by Adam Klugman


'Best Sci-Fi Short'
Directed by Mr. Bouhaïk

I Don't Believe You

'Best Thriller Short - Jury Choice', 'Best Editor Short'
Directed by Luca Bertossi

Fugutive Zero

'Best Thriller Short', 'Best Supporting Actor Short', 'Best Supporting Actress Short'
Directed by Joe Lam


'Best Debut Director Short' 
Directed by Noella Mingo


'Best Musical Short' 
Directed by Igor Chekin

Music Video

Now The Earth

'Best Music Video'
Directed by Igor Chekin

Leaving My Past Behind

'Best Music Video - Festival Mention'
Directed by Anne Johnstonbrown

Feature Script

The Feeler

Death Cross of the Inca

'Best Script Feature'
Written by Christan van Slyke

'Best Script Feature - Festival Mention'
Written by Rick Mannoia

Vengence Is A Lady

'Best Script Feature - Jury Choice'
Written by Michael Williams

Short Script

Guérisseur-Héros (Healer-Hero)

'Best Short Script'
Written by Danny Cotton


Breaking & Entering

'Best Short Script - Jury Choice'
Written by Michael Hogan

'Best Short Script - Festival Mention'
Written by Luca Bertossi