Feature Film

Mambo man

'Best Picture Feature', 'Best Drama Feature', 'Best Foreign Feature', 'Best Debut Director Feature', 'Best Writer Feature',
'Best Editor Feature', 'Best Supporting Actress Feature'
Directed by
Mo Fini, Edesio Alejandro

Anima Sola

'Best Thriller Feature', 'Best Actor Feature'
Directed by Roberto Jabor


'Best Director Feature'
Directed by Marvin Gabas


'Best Documentary Feature'
Directed by

Short Film

Jack & Jill

'Best Drama Short', 'Best Student Short',
'Best Debut Director Short', 'Best Actress Short'

Directed by Jamal Rashad

Cadence of the Valley

'Best Picture Short', 'Best Foreign Short'
Directed by Rama Ayasra

Death Offers Life

'Best Writer Short', 'Best Cinematography short', 'Best Music Director Short'
Directed by Saheer Abbas

Sex the head

'Best Experimental Short'
Directed by
Jose Chica

Larry Moon Boots

'Best Documentary Short', 'Best Cinematography short - Festival Mention'
Directed by Luis Eduardo Villamizar


'Best Producer Short', 'Best Editor Short', 'Best Actress Short - Jury Choice' 
Directed by
Jedediah Parker

Deep Shock

'Best Thriller Short', 'Best Director Short', 'Best Supporting Actress Short' 
Directed by
Davide Melini

TimeBOY the next adventure

'Best Adventure Short'
Directed by Rod Power

The lime and the flame

'Best Comedy Short' 
Directed by
Francisco García

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

'Best LGBT short - Jury Choice', 'Best Women Director Short'
Directed by Camilla Roman


'Best Musical Short'
Directed by Carla Sacco


'Best Romantic Short - Jury Choice' 
Directed by
Jamal Rashad


'Best Supporting Actor Short', 'Best Director Short - Jury Choice' 
Directed by
Romm Burlat

TimeBOY just the numbers

'Best Action Short'
Directed by Rod Power

Sweet Tofu

'Best Comedy Short - Jury Choice'
Directed by Li Xiaolong, Brennan Martin

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

'Best Family/Children Short', 'Best Mobile Short - Jury Choice'
Directed by DR. Barbara I. Holstein


'Best Sci-Fi Short' 
Directed by
Stephen McKinnon

Los Angeles Fever Dream

'Best LGBT Short'
Directed by Charles Sharman-Cox

Music Video

Forever Rain

'Best Music Video'
Directed by
Carla Sacco

Choose This Day-The Prequel

'Best Music Video - Festival Mention'
Directed by

Feature Script


Charlie Horowitz: All Out Life

'Best Script Feature'
Written by Christan van Slyke

'Best Script Feature - Festival Mention'
Written by
Dillon Fuhrman

Not in a Million Years

'Best Script Feature - Jury Choice'
Written by
Christan van Slyke

Short Script

Deaf Voice in a Covid World

'Best Short Script'
Written by
Marven Likness

My Friend

But, Love

'Best Short Script - Jury Choice'
Written by
Jamal Rashad

'Best Short Script - Festival Mention'
Written by
Cedric Hill


'Best Romantic Short'
Directed by Cedric Hill

'Best Mobile Short', 'Best Actor Short'
Directed by Chris Miller


Pilot Episode

Odd Man Out

'Best Pilot Episode'
Directed by Jake Hunter