Feature Film

After the Night with Valerie

'Best Drama Feature, Best Producer Feature'
Directed by Alex M. Garnett

Through the pain

'Best Debut Director Feature, Best Actor Feature'
Directed by Jamiek foster

Short Film

A Shoreditch Tale

'Best Picture Short, Best Debut Director Short'
Directed by Milo Brennan, Harriet Williams

The Anniversary

'Best Drama Short'
Directed by Davide Serra

The Fame Tool

'Best Foreign Short'
Directed by Jacopo Testone

The Dry Salvages

'Best Experimental Short'
Directed by Agnes Maska

How to Make the World Rock

'Best Documentary Short'
Directed by Louis Murphy

Bright People

'Best Documentary Short - Jury Choice'
Directed by Yuri Sasamoto

My Dad Spiro

'Best Documentary Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Diamando May


'Best Animation Short'
Directed by Bellopropello

The Hoody

'Best Director Short, Best Actress Short'
Directed by Kasey Deeth


'Best Thriller Short, Best Women Director Short'
Directed by Kim Hopkins

Waiting Games

'Best Women Film Short, Best Supporting Actress Short'
Directed by Thea Balich

Music Video

Out of Reach

'Best Music Video'
Directed by Darren Stokes

Feature Script


'Best Script Feature'
Written by Shaun Rylee


'Best Producer Short, Best Cinematographer Short, Best Music Director Short'
Directed by Deepak reddy

UV - A resistance story

'Best Action Short'
Directed by Lorenzo Scalzo

He Must Die

'Best Western Short'

'Best Family/Children Short'
Directed by David Valencia, Alejandra Alanis Ortiz

Cheatty Love

By Your Side, Always

'Best Romantic Short'
Directed by Satrio Wibowo

The Veil

'Best LGBT Short'
Directed by Aaron Richardson

Meddle Like Hell

'Best Script Feature - Jury Choice'
Written by Michael Mantsourani

Short Script

The Short Film Club

'Best Script Short'
Written by Darren Stokes, Matthew Bancroft

That's Just Me

'Best Short Script - Jury Choice'
Written by MrzJerzy Productionz

Tessa Moon

'Best Sci-Fi Short'
Directed by Jack David Walker


'Best Experimental Feature'
Directed by Alexandre David Lejuez

Grandpa Frank

'Best Comedy Short'
Directed by Tasha Negula



Warrior Goddess

DAVE - Leave Me Alone

'Best Actor Short'
Directed by Steve Willis

'Best Writer Short'
Directed by Eric Felizardo

Watch The Birdie

'Best Student Short, Best Editor Short'
Directed by Krishna Menon

'Best Mobile Short'
Directed by Vikram Chacko

'Best Musical Short'
Directed by Ernest Hernandez

Bigger Picture

'Best Student Short - Jury Choice'
Directed by Eric Felizardo

'Best Student Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Margherita Mazza


Pilot Episode


'Best Pilot Episode'
Directed by Jordi Barbosa Flores, Juan Antonio Barbosa

Andrew’s Parallel Worlds

'Best Animation Feature'
Directed by Angela En-Yu Lao

Second Chances

'Best Script Feature - Special Mention'
Written by Shanelle Monique