Feature Film

A Walk in the Park
'Best Picture Feature'
Directed by Marco Infante

Short Film

Come Outside
'Best Picture Short, Best Drama Short, Best Producer Short'
Directed by Sheldon Woodson

'Best Picture Short - Jury Choice, Best Writer Short - Jury Choice'
Directed by Jillian Vitko

Let’s Play
'Best Crime Short - Jury Choice, Best Drama Short - Jury Choice, Best Actor Short - Jury Choice'
Directed by Steve Wollett

'Best Drama Short - Special Mention, Best Director Short - Special Mention, Best Actress Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Melanie Georgiou

A Heroe's Genesis
'Best Foreign Short, Best Action Short, Best Music Director Short'
Directed by Ragüel Cremades

Katalinka 16

'Best Experimental Short'
Directed by András Attila Farkas

The Wonders Of The Witches

'Best Thriller Short'
Directed by Jean M Nelson

What The Devil Said

'Best Thriller Short - Jury Choice, Best Editor Short - Jury Choice, Best Cinematographer Short - Jury Choice'
Directed by Chris Hall

Kiss Me When He's Gone

'Best Romantic Short, Best Writer Short, Best Editor Short'
Directed by Nicholas Muhlbach

Glory Mountain

'Best Adventure Short'
Directed by Felicia Rivers

Tippy Toes

'Best Comedy Short, Best Actress Short, Best Director Short'
Directed by Ajit Dias

Music Video

Do The Math
'Best Music Video'
Directed by Robert Young, Raphael Xavier

Feature Script

The Handstand Heard 'Round the World
'Best Script Feature'
Written by
Leland Thomas Faegre

The Bodega

'Best Comedy Short - Special Mention, Best Director Short - Special Mention,Best Supporting Actor Short'
Directed by Nicholas Bromund

The Request

'Best Western Short'
Directed by Paco Espinoza

Queen of the Sea

'Best Animation Short, Best Women Film Short'
Directed by Selena Chea Miller

'Best Foreign Short - Special Mention, Best Dance Short'
Directed by Romane Ruggiero

Spinning Into Silence

'Best Animation Short - Jury Choice, Best Student Short - Jury Choice'
Directed by Emily Larkin


'Best Animation Short - Special Mention, Best Writer Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Jason J. Cross


'Best Script Feature - Jury Choice'
Written by Alyxandrya Prynce, Romel Xavier Moralez

Short Script

A Road to Freedom of Myanmar

'Best Script Short'
Written by Sandra Tingalay

Bat Bunnies

'Best Short Script - Jury Choice'
Written by Chris Flynn


'Best Animation Short - Honourable Mention'
Directed by Shailesh Acharekar

'Best Foreign Feature'
Directed by Claudio Guarini


'Best Crime Short'
Directed by Tim Buelna

Dead Angle

Healthy mind in a healthy body

Urban Constellation

Flexible Choices

'Best LGBT Short'
Directed by Thodoris Vournas

'Best Sci-Fi Short'
Directed by Kilian Muster

Fine Inconsapevole

'Best Debut Director Short'
Directed by Domenico Matteo Orlando

'Best Actor Short'
Directed by Rodrigo Alfonso

'Best Cinematographer Short, Best Supporting Actress Short'
Directed by Luis Galán


'Best Women Director Short'
Directed by Mary Poltroni, Simona DI Napoli

'Best Student Short'
Directed by Kat Law

Unknown Caller

Pilot Episode

Dead Angle
'Best Pilot Episode'
Directed by Kilian Muster

A Shattered Diamond
'Best Drama Feature, Best Producer Feature, Best Director Feature, Best Supporting Actor Feature, Best Supporting Actress Feature'
Directed by Nick Muhlbach

Timothy Scott: Shadow Island
'Best Script Feature - Special Mention'
Written by Tobey Alexander

Visions of a Teacher
'Best Documentary Feature'
Directed by Jaap Verhoeven

The Hike
'Best Thriller Feature, Best Comedy Feature, Best Writer Feature'
Directed by Luke Walker, Vinnie Vineyard

Mane (The Home)
'Best Actress Feature'
Directed by Rashmi S, Poorna Shri R

'Best Script Short - Special Mention'
Written by Ian Davies

Fortunate Son

'Best Mobile Short'
Directed by Craig Douglas

'Best Mobile Feature, Best Actor Feature'
Directed by Kaleab Kurtz

Beetlejuice: The Online Musical
'Best Music Director Feature, Best Editor Feature, Best Debut Director Feature'
Directed by Federico Hradek , Delilah Jane Dunn