Feature Film

'Best Drama Feature'
Directed by Andretti Dante

Short Film

Wine Not
'Best Picture Short'
Directed by Mio Hu

The Divorce
'Best Drama Short, Best Writer Short'
Directed by Steve Wollett

Bruised Reflections
'Best Drama Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Sam E Flanagan

Sonata For A Calendar
'Best Foreign Short, Best Women Director Short'
Directed by Carmen Rosa Vargas

The substance of dreams
'Best Foreign Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Geppi Di Stasio

'Best Dance Short, Best Experimental Short'
Directed by Jax RF McAtee

Moonlight People
'Best Experimental Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Dmitri Frolov

'Best Quarantine Short'
Directed by Lance J. Reha

'Best Quarantine Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Melissa Stanton

Mountain Bear
'Best Animation Short'
Directed by Jeremy Northcote

Mark of Love
'Best Animation Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Hermann Kayode

Music Video

And Then It's Over
'Best Music Video'
Directed by Evil Cat Land

Feature Script

The Future Force
'Best Script Feature'
Written by Ed Vela

Sheep #3
'Best Family/Children Short'
Directed by Daniel Frost

A Mental Formation
'Best Comedy Short , Best Cinematographer Short'
Directed by Jaspaul Seehra

Hello Mattress
'Best Comedy Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Jeremy Carr

New Horizons
'Best Documentary Short'
Directed by Darren Mark Douglas

'Best Comedy Short - Honourable Mention'
Directed by Ed Vela

TimeBOY the hard ride
'Best Action Short, Best Adventure Short'
Directed by Rod Power

Short Script

'Best Script Short'

'Best Script Short - Special Mention'
Written by
Geoffrey Gould

Good Night My Sweet Prince
'Best Thriller Short, Best Debut Director Short'
Directed by Eric Joseph

Man with the Sickles
'Best Foreign Feature'
Directed by Kyle Fermindoza

'Best Sci-Fi Short, Best Music Director Short'
Directed by Lorenzo Scalzo

'Best Director Short, Best Editor Short,
Best Supporting Actor Short, Best Supporting Actress Short'
Directed by Davide Melini

'Best Mobile Short'
Directed by Amin Yekta

The Bench
'Best Romantic Short'
Directed by Turlough stevens

'Best Producer Short'
Directed by Joe Chacon

A Friend For Dinner
'Best Student Short, Best Actress Short'
Directed by Max Bramley

Wasps and the Rain
'Best Student Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Nicholas Egizio

Sebastian's Dinner Party
'Best Picture Feature, Best Debut Director Feature,
Best Actor Feature, Best Actress Feature'
Directed by Steven Springman

Ascension Chronicles
'Best Sci-Fi Feature, Best Editor Feature, Best Director Feature'
Directed by Danny Cotton

Between Floors
'Best Thriller Feature'
Directed by Lance J, Reha

'Best Student Short - Honourable Mention'
Directed by Selahaddin Şenkal

Iron way
'Best Documentary Feature'
Directed by Pavel Golovin

Alex Fernandez's Angelika
'Best Pilot Episode'
Directed by Alex Fernandez

Portami con te
'Best Music Video - Special Mention'
Directed by Chris Fx

'Best Music Video - Honourable Mention'
Directed by Marko Kovac

Pilot Episode

'Best Script Feature - Honourable Mention'
Written by Sena Tunali

Legal Passion
'Best Script Feature - Special Mention'
Written by JK Jones